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Things to know if you just started running

The basics of running, here’s some tips for beginners and amateurs on running.

1) Am I too old to run?

No anyone can run, we have 70 year olds training with us, there are plenty of 80-90 year old doing running for their health & fitness.

2) Is running bad for your knees?

This is a myth, anything in excess is bad for you, but running has plenty of benefits that outweigh the risks.

3) I eat oats for breakfast, that’s the best option right?

Make sure you EAT something before stepping out for a workout, something light to give your engine (body) fuel to burn, aka you need energy to last during workout, so don’t starve yourself. Good options are small fruit, handful of dry fruits/ nuts, small bowl of oats or museli, or couple pieces of toast.

4) I drink tea before running, is that ok?

A lot of people prefer to have tea/ coffee before running or working out, and that’s completely fine as long as it doesn’t feel acidic or heavy during the run. There is a theory that green tea/ black coffee before workout burns fats but that’s yet to be substantiated to be true.

5) I wear a certain brand of shoes and they are the best right?

No, each person may require different form of shoes based on their foot arch. Best is to get your foot arch checked from a physiotherapist and a gait check from running store if possible before determining which shoes are best for you.

6) I run, that’s enough right? I don’t have to do anything else for fitness?

Wrong! Running is great cardio, but you still need to tone up your muscles, so invest 2-3 days into a gym or a free body weight program like P90x, cross fit etx. Yoga is a great way to stretch as well.

7) I am running 5km currently, I should be ok to run 10kms next week right?

Not advisable, follow the 20% rule, increase and progress slowly no need to rush into running long. Increasing mileage or speed without proper progression will cause injuries that may have long term

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