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  • Dr. Kaustubh Radkar

The Cost of racing an Ironman & 70.3

There has been a rise of Indian athletes training for Ironman/ 70.3 races all over the world, a common question I get asked is how much will it cost me? This article breaks down both racing, and travel expenses. Again, sky is the limit when it comes to expenses, and I am writing mostly from my 20x Ironman race travel experience, and those of my trainees.

Race entry fees:

For 70.3: Some races offer early bird entry (16-18,000) 250-275$, most races will be in the 19-25,000 (300-350$) range.

For a Full Ironman the cheapest entry is IM South Africa around 29,000 rs+ (450-500$), but race entry or majority races will be 35,000-60,000 rs (550-800$).

Travel, Food and Stay:

Races in Asia like South Korea, Malaysia, Colombo if you book early economy travel will be 14,000-25000 rs. For Europe, South Africa you are looking at 40-50,000 rs, for Australia and America 60,000 + roughly although there are deals of 45-50000 for the USA if booked ahead, South America will set you back 1,00,000 rs surely and the flights are long.

Stay will vary based on the city, do you choose a hotel/ hostel/ AirBNB but count on 75-100$ a night for a decent room with breakfast, of course if you find a roommate this can be cut down. 4-6 night stay roughly will run you 16-30,000 rs.

Count on 10-15,000 rs for food options (this is a conservative number).

Bike fees:

Airlines will charge between 100-250$ as Bike fees, exception to the rule are most of your Asian Airlines like Malaysian, Jet, your Mid-Eastern Airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar. For some of these airlines bikes will fly free if they fall within their total weight category 23-30kgs based on the airline (for eg Jet allows 23kgs baggage and 7kg check in).

Roughly your total costs will be: For a 70.3: You can expect minimum figures of 60,000 rs and above (Colombo 70.3 cheapest)

For a Full Ironman: Expect spending 1,00,000 rs (one lakh), with IM Malaysia Langkawi cheapest option.

Tips: Choose your races wisely There is no such thing as an “easy” Ironman

Add to above coaching fees

Garmin/Smart watch expenses

Cost of a new bike

Nutrition expenses

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