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How to master running in the rain

How to master running in the rain

It is that time of the year, yes the monsoons have finally arrived. Each year I get questions on running in the rain, is it safe? Can I/ should I still run when it’s raining? Fortunately we don’t have that many days when rains are so severe it impacts your running. I always say there should not be any excuse not to run during the monsoons, you just have to be wise and manage them. Here are few tips that will help you get through the rainy season:

  1. Wear a hat: A good dry fit that will keep the rain off your face, most time it’s just plain irritating to have rain in your face, a good dry fit hat will take care of this.

  2. Don’t overdress: It won’t be that cold so no need to layer up, it will only make your body heat up more (especially on those humid days). A light jacket should suffice most days.

  3. Watch your step: Even if you know the road, be extra careful in the rains. Never know if a puddle can have a pothole, or a stone, or even grease/ oil from vehicles. Watch your step, especially on the sharp corners; you are better off taking the turns slow. Try to stay away from big puddles or worst come to worse walk through them.

  4. Wear dry clothes immediately post run, make sure you dry off asap!

  5. Dry your shoes by stuffing newspapers in them, just stuff them up and leave them to dry.

  6. Most watches are water proof but double check before you venture out. Unless you are feeling really lucky, leave mobiles home or in the car when you run.

  7. If is raining heavily, skip the speed (coach shall understand), do an easy run, if there is active thunderstorm or lightning skip the run.

  8. Chaffing! The biggest worry is chaffing, Think about adding some Vaseline to areas like where your socks end on your ankles, under your armpits, and on your bra straps. Nothing ends a run quicker than hot spots and raw skin, and some blood (in bad cases).

  9. Change your mindset: It’s only water and yes you will get a bit wet. Within a few minutes of running you will start enjoying the run, BUT you have to take the first step of accepting and making it to the start line of the workout.

Happy running !

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