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Finding light at the end of one's tunnel!

By now you must already know the lock down will be extended, for how many days, weeks or months we don’t know? Cuss all you want, which a lot of have been but this is what is needed for us, whether you and me like it or not this is the path that we did not choose, but nature has chosen for us. All major events have either been cancelled or postponed (with minimal guarantee they will even happen), hey even the Olympics have been postponed by a YEAR! Schools, colleges have canceled classes, only the virtual business now happens, graduations gone, prom gone, whatever else you think of GONE GONE GONE! This is happening worldwide, not just in India, USA, Spain, and Italy we can go on and on. Now that you are done complaining (for today at least), take a deep breath, and another, few more, Now saddle up and off we go.

Remind yourself (I do this daily), we are here on borrowed time, this time no one knows how long we have. How we use this time, is completely upon us, you can either invest in your health as much as possible, be surrounded by family or be unhappy about the smallest things, just constantly bicker and complain, but not take any action to change your situation. In our third week, I am reading/ hearing friends, acquaintances, some people on social media start to lose hope. No one wants to stay home, but the situation demands that we do. The situation also demands you start thinking if this could be a new norm, where such new viruses will cause disruptions in our life. Think again, SARS, H1N1, Corona, the virus manifestations are around us.

I need all of you reading, to now start thinking as if you are a coach. You are now laying a platform for the upcoming season, with whatever is your ultimate goal. Remember this is a long distance staged race now (called life), this is no half marathon or a sprint triathlon. You are going to be here in the long term, might as well start adapting.

1. Structure: With work, training or anything else in life create a structure for you to follow. A daily, or weekly one is best given the scenario (Don’t look too far forward). Plan how you will tackle the day, for eg: every 3 hours I take a break either in terms of a TV, PS4 or a nap. But the 3 hours I am chasing my target like a lion chasing is prey. Create a well-balanced plan, involve diet in this, with staying home you are either over-eating or starving yourself; neither is good in the long term.

2. Evolve: Most of us entrepreneurs are worried how 2020 will change financially, similarly those with jobs are worried about their future in companies, will there be lay-offs? Will my name be on the trimmed list? This lock down invest time in yourself and evolve; if you feel there is a course you wanted to do that can help your growth skills take it (as long as its budget friendly), if there are video, articles you must read that will help you there IS NO better time than now. There are couple benefits; one knowledge is power, even if you don’t use it immediately it may be of use later on. Secondly when our world opens, a diverse mind will have an important role in any organization.

3. Necessitate: One thing unless you have really deep pockets is you are going to have to necessitate. Most of our parents probably have told us to live within our means, well now is time to implement it if you haven’t already. Do you really need to make those home improvements, do you really need to do this race, and do you really need to go on that fancy vacation? Similarly do you really need to spend thousands/ lakhs on that one race; ask yourself? Create a strong financial plan, that involves estimating how much you need to save for 2021 as well in case such instances god forbid do return. We all have dreams and goals, but as amateur athletes we need to necessitate which races will fall in our financial plan as well. There is no shame in taking a break from racing due to not justifying the expense, but one should be ashamed if you are taking a loan to race in these times. Sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need. I specially chose a picture from one of the most expensive Ironman’s I have done, Ironman Brazil (costs would be close to IRONMAN Kona world championships) now I will ask myself hundred times probably If I will go back to races that costs as much.

4. Discipline: Discipline is said to be the bridge between goals and accomplishment. To achieve anything in life whether it’s professional, personal, athletic we have to be disciplined. Consistency is equally important, even if you keep chipping at things daily, by the end of week, month you will be far ahead than doing a start stop approach. The lock down has made us all value our time, but it also should make you disciplined to make time for the things you need. Writing, listening to music, watching TV, most importantly working out; the changes you make right now will last you the rest of your life. Make positive changes, and lets all come out of this lock down smarter & stronger than ever.

So after reading this short blog, ask yourself "what changes can I bring about in life to make it more meaningful."

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