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What's stopping you from working on yourself?

Lock-Down & Quarantine FAQ’s, a 3 min read to get you going daily.

Majority of the world is now home for the next 14-20 days, naturally it’s been a tough change for lot of people. To stay home for extended periods isn’t easy for anyone, but the situation demands that we do. Through this blog I want to discuss alternatives with you about staying home, working out and ideas you can implement on a daily basis.

Swim: Naturally pools have been closed, and they are expected to till mid-end April. Just because pools are closed doesn’t mean you can’t work on muscles used for swimming.

Link below can help you with some TheraBand exercise, don’t have a TheraBand or Thera tube, start with getting motion in. You will still develop strength, and once you are able to get hands on TheraBand you will be all set.

Bike: If you have a bike trainer, life is good right now. Take my case, in last 8 days I have cycled more than what I did first two months of the year (yikes I know) ha-ha! Trainees have added advantage, sign up on a platform like Rouvy, Zwift, Tacx and join one of thousands of races to keep your motivation levels high. Tip: Post ride make sure you stretch those muscles effectively, to avoid soreness. Add foam rolling as well daily.

Run: Like the swim this is a tough one, can’t run on the roads, several societies aren’t allowing to run inside compounds either. You can do several things a nice HIIT workout with run drills at home, if you have a terrace even better so that you get 10-15 mtrs to do it. You can always run from room to room for several mins as boring as it can be, got to do what you got to do. If you have a treadmill life is set, I have a 15 mtrs lawn that I am running on right now. Tip: Just like the bike post run make sure you stretch properly, and add foam rolling daily. Here’s a video of some run drills for you to take on:

To foam roll properly:

Strength: Just like cycling, this is a wonderland for home right now. A yoga mat, some dumbbells, TRX, Kettle bell, jump rope, TheraBand/tube the solutions are unlimited. Create a workout for you and follow it, 30-45 mins, 2 -3 x weekly will be ideal. Add core, and back extension exercises and the package is complete. Luckily for you I have been adding some strength for you to do, its simple exercises one can do at home. Once you feel comfortable, either increase number of repetitions by 5, or increase time by 10-15 secs, last few reps or seconds you should feel shaky/ feel the burn. That means you’re doing it right. Add lot of stretches, some yoga poses to keep stretching and working on your imbalances. Add a 30 min playlist like below and you are all set:

Nutrition: It is getting hot outside, aka increase your water intake close to 5 litres, trust e you still need it. Start measuring your daily calories, create an excel sheet, google sheet, or write in notebook whatever works for you; but counting calories is the way to go right now. If you are getting close to 2000 calories daily keep it at that, you still need 1600 calories daily. Either have multiple small meals, or 2 big meals and then good snacks couple times (fruits/ carrot ext.), as always limit or stay away from pastries/ ice creams right now. Tip; Stay away from companies selling immunity supplements etx, you don’t need any of this as long as you are eating a well balanced diet at home, always choose fresh our a pill or powder.

Rest: One day strictly, no excuses on this one. Understand our goal is to maintain fitness, gain strength and work on your weaknesses in this phase. We aren’t going for killer workouts as they will reduce immunity, which in turn may expose you to illness and you don’t want to be sick right now. Steer clear of the Instagram fitness addicts who are challenging you to dance on your head, focus on what’s given to you, what will help you best achieve your goals.

Before you know it, you will be stronger than ever out of this home stay period, and ready to come out and tackle the roads harder and faster. Till then stay strong, be rad strong.

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